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Spotify announced last month that it will begin offering political coverage and news to expand on its already dominant market share in the music streaming market.

Similarly, the market for tankless water heaters is expected to experience more growth in North America than all other global markets in the next six years.

As big fans of both of these products, we at Carini got to asking: just how similar are these two industry innovators?

1) Limitless Hot Water

Tank-based water heaters offer a finite amount of hot water. Just like Spotify’s endless streaming, tankless water heaters provide limitless hot water by heating only the water that flows through them from pipes they’re connected to. Say goodbye to cold showers because another family member used all the hot water!

2) Tankless Water Heater Installation Increases Efficiency and Reduces Costs

In a traditional tank-based water heater, the tank heats water all the time. With a tankless unit, the water is only heated when you need it, which means you save money and energy. We love being as efficient and cost effective with our water usage as we are in our music streaming and discovery!

3) Twice the Life Expectancy of Storage Water Heaters

Most tankless units last about 20 years, which is double the life expectancy for tank-based units. Tankless water heaters are already the norm in Europe and Japan – only time will tell if they make traditional heaters obsolete in the US like Spotify has done to CD sales.

4) Tankless Design Saves You Space

Traditional water heaters’ large storage tanks make them inconvenient and cumbersome to place in your home. Because tankless units don’t have tanks, they’re much smaller. They’ll save you space just like Spotify’s cloud saves you space on your hard drive!

5) Recirculation Pumps Give Instant Hot Water

We love how Spotify Discover adapts to our music taste. With new technologies like smart recirculation systems, now our water heaters can learn our preferences, too!

These systems learn your peak water usage times and begin heating the water just before you need to use it. This way, there’s no wait time for hot water.

The top manufacturers of tankless water heaters include Navien, Noritz, Rinnai, and Rheem.