SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA-Gabriel Carini, and his air conditioning and heating team of experts will operate a booth and interact with the community at the 14th annual Old House Fair on June 16 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The Old House Fair is a free festival on 30th Street and Beech Street in South Park that celebrates the old homes and the historic San Diego community. One of the most popular activities of the festival is touring the historic homes in the area. There will be free walking tours, an hour-long trolley tour for $5, and the official Historical Home Tour for $20. The festival will also have live music and entertainment, a food expo, arts and crafts, and dozens of local craftsmen, contractors, shop owners, and businesses.

“Events like the Old House Fair are a great way for us to get more involved in the community,” the San Diego County heating, cooling, and ventilation expert says.

Part of what Carini hopes to share with festival-goers is that his company understands the unique challenge historic homeowners face of balancing preservation of the character of the home without sacrificing the benefits of modern technology. Many of the original architectural structures of historic homes, especially lath and plaster walls or low-pitch roofs, aren’t conducive to the easy installation, pre-fabricated systems frequently used by other San Diego HVAC companies.

We specialize in air conditioning and furnace repair, service, and installation for older and historic homes. Our team can create custom systems that give homeowners the state-of-the-art technology and efficiency of modern systems without detracting from the original architecture. We have done a lot of work in South Park, Kensington, Mission Hills, North Park, and La Jolla.

“We’re not out to sell every customer a new system, though, because not every older and historic home needs one. We inspect your current system, discuss your needs and priorities and give you options that fit your specific circumstances,” says Carini, who has more than a decade of experience in air conditioning and heating repair.

He encourages homeowners to stop by his booth at Old House Fair to talk with an experienced technician.