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What is a water pressure regulator and why do I need one in San Diego?

Water pressure from San Diego’s city water lines is often too high for your home. A water pressure regulator chokes down the water pressure from the city usually before the water enters your home and maintains a safe pressure in your home’s water system. A water pressure regulator is the first line of defense from a catastrophic flood in your home.


How do I know if my water pressure is too high?

You may have noticed that your faucets and hose bibs are dripping, maybe a toilet or two is running or your water pipes may have sprung a leak. These are all signs that are indicative of high water pressure. Give the experts at Carini Home Services a call and our technicians can perform a water pressure test for you!


How much water pressure is considered too high?

Uniform Plumbing Code states that water pressure in a building needs to be regulated to 80 PSI or lower by the use of a pressure regulator. Often times a professional plumber will set your water pressure from 50-70 PSI, staying 10 PSI short of the code regulations.


Do I have a water pressure regulator?

While it is code that all homes must have a water pressure regulator installed during the construction of the home, that hasn’t always been the case. Often times older homes do not have a pressure regulator installed and those homes are more prone to the risk of a bursting pipe. If you do not know if you have a water pressure regulator in your home, call Carini for a water pressure test!

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