The beautiful, warm weather we have in the San Diego area all year round is a benefit that not many other cities in the U.S. get to experience, but that does not mean that our homes always listen to the weather stations. Of course, it seems odd to think that we might need a heating system as well as a cooling system in the dog days of summer. However, when the high temperatures drop into the 60s and 50s in December, and the lows hit the 40s, you might start looking for those sweaters and blankets because you don’t have an adequate heating system.

Fortunately, if you have a Mitsubishi mini-split in El Cajon or the surrounding area, you also have an efficient heat pump you can use to keep your home warm and comfortable when you need it!

The True Meaning of Air Conditioning

When you have an AC unit installed in your home, you can rightfully expect the system to adjust the air in your house for your comfort. Unfortunately, a large number of homeowners think of AC as “Air Cooling” instead of “Air Conditioning,” not even realizing the real capabilities of their AC systems.

In the video below, Gabriel Carini explains this misconception and how, with a Mitsubishi mini-split installation in the San Diego region, you can get the best of both worlds:

Watch the video below to have Gabriel walk you through the different tests. You have to see the results for yourself!

As Gabriel explains, all mini-split systems require a wall-mounted unit and an outdoor unit. Outside air is brought through the outdoor unit where it is conditioned and sent into the home through the indoor installation. With mini-splits, the refrigerant in the coils attracts and captures heat energy from outside. This heat is then transferred naturally into the house and assisted by a blower in the wall unit. Rather than producing heat, mini-splits move heat! And, since heat always flows from warmer temperatures to lower temperatures, mini-split systems end up being more efficient than expensive central heating systems.

Mitsubishi mini-split heat pumps are some of the most versatile air conditioning systems you could have installed in your home. With heating and cooling capabilities, sleek, space-saving designs, wall-mounting features, and high-efficiency ratings, mini-splits work well in most homes and are easy on the eye and the wallet. To learn more about Mitsubishi heat pumps, or to have a professional technician install, repair, or tune-up a mini-split in your home, call the heating experts at Carini today!