Choosing between a central air system and a ductless mini split system can be difficult. A lot of factors come into play when making a decision. Here are some things to ask yourself when deciding which is right for you. Do you already have ductwork installed? If yes, it will be cheaper to replace your old condenser with a new one. If no ductwork is present, it might be a better idea to install a ductless system. The second factor to consider is the size of the area you are trying to cool. If your home is more than 2500 square feet, it is recommended to go with a central air system because ductless systems work better for homes that are under 2000 square feet. The third thing to consider is whether or not you need individual zoning control. It is inefficient to heat or cool rooms that are not being occupied and will save you a lot of money by heating or cooling only the rooms being occupied. Everyone has different preferences when it comes to what is too hot or too cold, if this is the case, a ductless mini split is the way to go.

Central Air Pros
  1. Lower initial cost. It is generally cheaper to have a central system installed in your home vs a mini split system.
  2. Tonnage and capacity. Central systems are made to cool larger homes, where more than a few rooms will be occupied at a time. Because there is ductwork, you can easily heat or cool your entire home.
  3. Air Quality Options. Central air systems have a bigger product line when it comes to filtration options. With a central air system, you can install humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and a vast range of air purifiers.
  4. There are more options overall. Although many brands now offer mini split systems, there are still more central air options.

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Mini Split Pros
  1. They are Ductless. Having ductwork means another thing that needs to be cleaned, maintained, and eventually replaced. When you eliminate the ductwork with a mini split, you save time and money.
  2. Mini splits are the new generation of heating and cooling. They utilize inverter technology which allows them to operate while minimizing energy consumption. Many mini splits also use variable speed compressors, meaning they only kick on as much or as little as necessary.
  3. Having no ductwork makes it possible to precisely control the climate of each room individually. You can even heat one room while cooling another! This is ideal for homes where one room is always hotter or colder than the rest of the house, or when everyone has different comfort requirements.
  4. Adaptability. Some historic homes have very small attics that won’t accommodate most equipment; some don’t have attics at all. A mini split would likely be your only option in this case.

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