The Mitsubishi GL series is one of the bestselling single zone heat pump mini split outdoor units on the market. It is Energy Star Certified with one of the highest efficiency ratings, while offering 6,000-24,000 BTU of cooling power. The outdoor unit produces only 51dB, allowing you to install it virtually anywhere along your house, while barely being audible from inside.

The Mitsubishi GL series indoor unit comes with compact designs, a wide-range of available sizes, and the power to cool nearly any size room. The GL model includes the MSZ-GL heat pump which is available as a single zone or multi-zone unit. At 19 decibels, the GL model has the lowest noise levels in the industry.

Not only does the GL wall mounted indoor unit keep the room at a comfortable temperature, but it also cleans, and deodorizes the air you breathe. It comes with a Nano Platinum Air Filter that kills bacteria, while absorbing and neutralizing odors. The filters are washable and have a life expectancy of 10 years.