Compact Cassette

Compact Cassette Mini Split Heating and Cooling Units

compact cassette heating cooling

Ductless compact cassette mini split systems are remarkably discreet. In most cases, compact cassettes units are mounted flush with the surface, often the ceiling – so that no space or light is sacrificed in the room. Compact cassette mini split units are designed to a standard size specification and fit perfectly in most standard ceiling panel configurations – just like we recognize from office spaces around San Diego.

Ductless mini-split cassette units are an ideal solution for heating and cooling large rooms or rooms with cold/hot spots that also have limited floor or wall space. Cassettes can be mounted in standard drop ceilings or in a regular ceiling when sufficient attic space above is available. Mini split cassettes are an outstanding solution for both commercial and residential applications in San Diego.

Ceiling cassettes are exceptionally versatile, finding their way into both consumer and commercial installations. We’ve seen them complementing dens, kitchens, bathrooms, granny flats, nurseries, man caves, and craft rooms with a variety of home design styles; and we have two side by side mini split ceiling cassettes in our office conference room. When the room holds a few people, one unit can cool or heat the entire room; and when the room is packed with lots of heat-producing bodies, we’ll switch on the second unit to accommodate however many people are in the room.

It’s simple to set up mini split ceiling cassettes, by adjusting vents with a handheld remote control. Vents can be adjusted on all four sides to direct the airflow to exactly where it’s required. Each unit comes with advanced filtration options to create cleaner and fresher air in any room where it is installed. And besides using the simple remote control, you can remotely monitor cassette units from a smartphone or tablet.