Floor-Mounted Ductless Mini Split Systems From American Standard by Mitsubishi

floor mounted ductless mini-splits

Ductless mini split floor-mount systems are a perfect solution when it’s time to upgrade from traditional floor radiators. Ductless floor units can be installed in the same position as an old radiator, but they occupy much less space. Floor mini splits are also perfect for rooms with a lack of free wall space like kitchens and rooms with large windows. Mini split floor units fit under most standard-sized windows and are twice as efficient as a radiator at half the size. Floor-mounted mini splits are perfect for historic homes in San Diego.

These types of units are typically mounted on a wall near floor level. Multiflow vanes blow air upward and downward simultaneously for maximum even air coverage – while also heating or cooling rooms much faster than floor-mounted units from other manufacturers.

The floor unit is available in multiple capacities and is Energy Star Certified, which means that these systems are at least 15% more energy-efficient than government standards. They can be controlled by wireless remotes, and their flat, stylish design looks great in any room.

To accommodate various installation set-ups, a two-block structure includes optional wall recessing capabilities. And its symmetrical design results in a low-profile air inlet and a removable base section for easy cleaning and maintenance.