Multi-Zone Systems

Ductless Multi-Zone Systems

mini split multi zone system

Ductless multi-zone mini split heating/cooling systems allow maximum customization of climate control. With a multi-zone system, it is possible to precisely control the temperature in each room based on what is needed at a particular moment. Save heating or cooling energy when the room is not occupied. Multi-zone systems are ideal for multiple rooms that have different climate control requirements at different times. A perfect solution for San Diego County.

Depending on the size of a home, office, or other commercial application, multi-zone mini splits typically employ one or more outdoor condenser units that deliver both heating and air conditioning without the need for a separate furnace. The outdoor unit or units can be placed alongside a house, on roofs or patios, or placed on special outdoor shelving that can be attached to the outdoor walls of a structure. Each room then can have the same or a combination of different indoor “air handlers,” that distribute the warm or cool air in each room, without the need for traditional ducting. For example, applications can be configured to use wall units in some rooms, ceiling cassettes in others, and concealed “duct-type” units in other rooms. Each of these room air handlers operates off one or more of the outdoor units and can be controlled individually or in zones that are designed by our Design Specialists for maximum energy savings and peak efficiency.

Here is an educational video on the features and benefits of multi-zone ductless mini splits from Mitsubishi: