SAN DIEGO, Carini Heating, Air and Plumbing recently launched a new commercial service: installing, servicing, and maintaining air conditioning and heating systems for cell sites.

More commonly known as cell phone towers, cell sites are where antennas and electronic communications equipment are placed, typically on a steel pole or lattice radio mast, tower or other high places, to create a cell in a cellular network.

“Working with commercial-grade air conditioning systems for cell sites is an exciting development for the company,” says Gabriel Carini, an HVAC professional in the San Diego area.

A typical cell site may include antennas, transmitters and receivers or transceivers, digital signal processors, control electronics, a GPS receiver, primary and backup electrical power sources, and some type of shelter. All of the equipment is generating heat and must be adequately cooled and ventilated to work properly.

“A cell tower going down would affect thousands of the client’s customers, so it is essential that the air conditioning and heating systems work seamlessly,” he says.

The complexity of commercial-grade air conditioning systems and the demanding nature of the business are challenges Carini and his team is qualified to handle and ready to take on.

“Our company has thousands of satisfied clients in the residential and business categories, and we are excited to be adding more satisfied commercial clientele to that list as well,” he says.