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New Carini Headquarters Functions as Comprehensive Mini Split Showroom

Every Type of Ductless Mini Split Can Be Viewed, Heard and Operated in Real-World Residential and Commercial Applications 

In the first of its kind installation, Carini Heating, Air and Plumbing has built a real-world Ductless Mini Split Showroom in its corporate headquarters facility, where customers can view and operate every type of mini split technology in applications that mirror how the units would operate in real customer environments.  The different units are spread throughout the company’s offices, giving customers the ability to see how systems look when configured and installed – in addition to hearing how quiet the units operate, both outdoors and indoors.

“Many of our customers are already sold on the idea of installing mini splits in their homes and businesses, but still have questions about how units look and sound after installation,” said Carini president and founder Gabriel Carini. “Now we have the ability for any prospective customer to see real mini split configurations before they make the decision to purchase – and to get a ‘behind the scenes’ view of how units are installed for maximum energy efficiency and cost of operation savings.”

Mini split configurations on display range from the most popular and energy efficient wall units that are used in both residential and commercial environments; in-ceiling cassettes; and Slim Duct systems hidden in ceilings that use multi-directional diffuser registers.  These systems fit perfectly in modular T-Bar ceilings that you would typically see in offices or other commercial applications.

Here’s more about what customers will see in the Carini office configurations:

1.  Cassette Heat Pumps

With the lightweight unit installed in your ceiling space, only the grille is visible, providing easy installation into your home or office. Cassette units are often specified for home or business offices. They are installed in Carini’s conference room.

Multi Directional Airflow

With four-way air outlets, cassettes provide maximum comfort by evenly distributing airflow throughout the area you need to heat or cool.

Air Cleaning Filtration

A built in filter removes dust and contaminants, keeping air purified and deodorised. The washable, long-life filter can be used for up to 2,500 hours with simple maintenance.

Versatile Control

Our cassette series comes equipped with your choice of either an infra-red remote 12 hour controller or a wired, LCD wall mounted 7 day controller.

Fresh Air Intake

A duct opening is provided in the main body, making it possible to draw fresh air from the outside.

2.  Wall Units

In the Carini headquarter, wall units are used in administrative and sales offices, allowing individuals to adjust temperatures at levels that are most comfortable for their own personal spaces. Easily connecting to an outdoor unit through a small opening, these indoor units maintain the ideal temperature you set in a single room.

Advanced filtration features deodorize and purify the air, contributing to better health. Each unit can be controlled and adjusted with a remote control. In homes and offices, these wall units can be programmed and scheduled from a smartphone or tablet using a wireless interface.

3.  MVZ Multi Position Air Handler

The MVZ system is a unique part of the Mitsubishi Mini Split Family. For homes and businesses, an older system located in the basement or attic can be removed, and the MVZ is placed in the old system’s location, utilizing the existing ducting throughout the home. Use for a large room or space in a house that you want to cool or heat as part of a ductless mini split whole home installation.

In the Carini offices, visitors will be able to see how we utilize the MVZ. It is connected to an outdoor unit, to cool or heat multiple rooms and hallways with different commercial and residential air handlers as part of the same configuration. In a long hallway that runs from the company’s sales offices, conference room and lunchroom, the MVZ system feeds multi-directional diffuser registers – the type that you would likely see in a commercial application; while residential-style registers are installed in restrooms and other single office spaces.

MVZ system controls different types of air handlers in hallways, restrooms and lunchroom

To make a visit to the Carini offices to see these units in action, please contact your design specialist or call us at 619-843-0997.