*Due to depleted funds, San Diego rebate has been paused until additional funding has been allocated.

TECH Clean California Rebate – Heat Pumps + Solar

NO MORE GAS BILL! Replace old inefficient heating systems with a new Mini Split or Central Heat Pump and save up to $6,000 depending on the number of systems you replace. You’ll save even more if you installed, or plan on installing a Solar PV system on your home. You no longer pay a gas bill to heat your home, let the sun cover the costs!


California has officially launched its newest rebate program.

TECH Clean California, also known as  “Switch is on”, was designed to help homeowners lower their carbon footprint by offering substantial rebate incentives.

The program also includes rebates for replacing your old water heater for a new Heat Pump water heater. The water heater rebates range from $1000 to $3100 depending on the fuel source of your old unit.  Heat Pump systems eliminate open flame in the home protecting you from potential fire risks, do not emit deadly carbon monoxide fumes and save you money on your utility bill. Program ends May 31, 2022. 

Now Offering Exclusive 12 Year Warranties on Ductless Mini Split Systems


Certified & Vetted Contractor

Carini Home Services is a certified, vetted contractor through TECH Clean California and is authorized to submit for these rebates on your behalf.  The rebate is a first come, first serve and will expire when the allotted funds are depleted.  Don’t wait another day, because of the huge rebate incentive, this program will not last long. 

How a Heat Pump Works

For several years Carini has been the leader in Energy Efficient Homes by partnering with manufacturers like Mitsubishi, American Standard and Bradford & White.  These companies have launched some of the most efficient equipment in the market today.  Heat Pumps are not a new technology, they are however, significantly more efficient than years past. Instead of burning fuel, Heat Pumps use refrigerant to move heat from one place to another. See our mini split systems. 

A win-win scenario, saving you money, while saving the planet.

The worst impacts of climate change can be averted by eliminating the use of fossil fuels in the over 14 million homes across California.  For the average home, replacing a gas Furnace or Water Heater with a Heat Pump cuts heating related climate pollution 45% over the next 10 years. This is especially true if you’ve installed, or plan on installing a Solar PV system on your home.  You no longer pay a gas bill to heat your home!

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