ken-sign-cariniMy cousin and I invested in an old Spanish style house in the Kensington area of San Diego.  Like many of these old San Diego houses, they were built with hard lathe and plaster walls and were never really designed with air conditioning in mind. (Maybe it wasn’t always so hot in San Diego!)  And in our house, the space behind the walls in different areas of the house is very shallow – but some of these places were in the best positions for ductwork feeding the house most efficiently.  Carini Home Services Conditioning came to our rescue :) by designing a high efficiency system that uses a lot less energy, and they used rectangular ductwork to fit better in our narrow wallspace.  We have two condensers – both super quiet and energy efficient – and we can use them independently to control air conditioning or heating upstairs and downstairs. 

I’ve dealt with a lot of vendors in San Diego over the years, and have to put Carini Home Services Conditioning at the top of the list!

D. R. Downey

San Diego